Leaded by our chief designer, Olivia Kok, our design team provides professional design and custom-made service for the bride who is looking for her unique wedding gown and evening gowns for her big day.

本婚紗店由總設計師Olivia Kok帶領的專業設計團隊為新娘度身訂造獨一無二的婚紗及晚裝, 令新娘在大日子綻放最美麗動人的一面, 明艷照人。

Pencil sketches of wedding gowns by our chief designer. 本婚紗店專業設計團隊為新娘度身訂造婚紗晚裝
Design and Custom-made Service 婚紗晚裝設計及訂造服務